Move YouTube channel to brand page


By default when you create a Google Account, you’ll have a YT channel associated to it, with your name and Google profile picture. If you change your Google profile picture but don’t want to display it at YT, or you just want to move all the content to a page, welcome!

Easy steps:

  1. First of all, you need the target YT page created, where the content will be migrated. Open and create a new channel
Account settings with the pages you control

2. After the channel is created, just go ot your original YT Channel, and Advanced Settings: and select “Move channel”

After that you’ll see the list of channels where you can migrate your content:

Finally just press replace button and follow steps.

✅ Mission accomplished!



Miguel Martínez Serrano

Software Engineer | University of Oviedo | Video post-production | Music production | Social Media